Our Story – Lilibridge

Our Story


Lilibridge combines a love of the beach and a passion for style.  All of our print designs are founded upon the artwork of an artist’s love of island adventures and coastal life. Our products have a streamlined form that offers effortless style. The look is sun, fun and sea inspired yet refined. All print designs are the result of a long, creative and technical process, which begins with an original sketch or painting and ends with a hand-screen printing technique.


Our Co-founders

New Englanders Vanessa Douglas and Abby Votto Belge are beach-loving city girls. They met while volunteering on a fundraising project for their children’s school. After several years, their friendship grew as did their collaborative success and appreciation for each other’s expertise. Abby’s business experience and Vanessa’s artistic talent led them to start a new adventure in their life, Lilibridge. 

As Abby is originally a native of the Connecticut coast and Vanessa from Boston’s North Shore, they share a common love of the beach. Between Abby’s childhood memories of Seaview Avenue Beach and Vanessa’s enchantment with the Bahamas, they decided on an accessory line reflective of a fun, beach-chic look.