Coastal Pickle X Lilibridge Pickleball Paddles

Coastal Pickle X Lilibridge Pickleball Paddles

Lilibridge Loves Coastal Pickle

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Coastal Pickle, a fabulous South Carolina-based pickleball paddle company that shares in our design aesthetic - fun, bright & bold. Our excitement for this venture matches the nation’s enthusiasm for this wildly popular and fast-growing sport. We’re ecstatic!

Don’t Be Fooled by the Pretty Face. These Paddles Deliver Serious Performance. 
Coastal Pickle paddles boast superior features at a highly competitive price, making them perfect for both beginners and advanced players.

  • Widebody design provides an expanded sweetspot
  • Graphite face offers the ultimate in spin and control
  • Polypropylene core allows for power and control and makes the quietest paddle on the market

The first 4 Coastal Pickle paddles featuring Lilibridge original prints are available now in limited quantities.