About the Artist – Lilibridge

About the Artist

Lilibridge is founded upon the artwork of New England artist and co-founder, Vanessa Douglas. Fun and vibrant, her designs are inspired by her love of the Bahamas, the sea and her life on the East Coast. Through her work, Vanessa continues the creative spirit of her artist father and fashionable mother, as well as the entrepreneurship of her great, great grandfather, Lilibridge King Blood, the company’s namesake.


The Process
While certain aspects of our product development such as material choice, functionality and style are decided together by the co-founders, the exquisite print designs used on our bags are born from Vanessa's artistic talent and unique inspirations.

Her final designs are the result of a long, creative and technical process, which begins with an original sketch or painting and ends with a digitized print design. Once the desired design has been achieved, individual print screens are created by color and inks are applied to the canvas individually using a hand-screen printing technique. This method of printing was chosen for its vibrancy and rich finish with the goal of producing a functional yet beautiful product with color that stays true over time.